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about his music

At 15 years old, Luca first learned to play an acoustic guitar, which was a gift from his father. He switched to an electric guitar under the guidance of teachers Marco Bolognini and Marino DeAngeli, who both graduated from Musicians Institute in Hollywood California. This led him to learn rock while learning jazz with Luciano DeMarchi (an alumni of Berkeley in Boston). His great love for Queen drove him to develop his singing talents by taking vocal lessons with Marian Trapassi, Elisa Turla, and Loretta Martinez using Voicecraft E.V.T.S., a method created from American singer Jo Estill. After he obtained a certificate of Theory and Ear Training at the Conservatory Of Music “G. Tartini” in Trieste, he left Italy to study at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.


Having studied with great musicians as Dan Gilbert, Alex Macacheck, Ross Bolton, Bill Lafleur , and after he played with Paul Gilbert (“The best jam I ever had at M.I.!” Luca says), he left the school, earning an Associate Degree in Electric Guitar and one in Vocal (he will always be thankful to his vocal coach Coreen Sheehan).

In January 2008, after playing for “Emergenza Festival” - one of the biggest American festivals for undiscovered bands - he recorded his first solo project “Luca Spanio’s Queen Acoustic..and More”, an EP with original songs and a few covers of Queen played with an acoustic guitar and strings (released 6 months later). During the recording of this album, he felt the need to become a better musician, so he decided to take 6 months of bass and piano classes.


In August 2008, he started touring Southern California to promote his new release and he started working as a session musician (recording and performing live with bands such as Pretty Much, Permeate, and The Green Frogs).


​In 2010, Luca started working with the rock-opera band, The Venetian, which was nominated as the best band at the eWorld Music Awards 2011 (he recorded bass and piano for the first two records of the band).

Killing Queen

Solo of the song "Killer Queen" as guitar audition for Queen Extravaganza.

I Want To Blues Free

A funny interpretation of the song, after my more serious vocal and guitar auditions. As seen on

Luca Spanio's "The Wedding March" 

Luca Spanio's Wedding March 12 Guitars Orchestration - Like Brian May from Queen...just a little different. With imagines from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride​.

Slow Blues in C

Slow blues in C at the blues jam @ La Brie's in Glendale. Great night...​

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