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about his writing

After founding his production company The Dreamers Factory LLC, Luca decided to put in writing some ideas he had for a TV show. Script writing didn't come easy for him and consequently he enrolled and studied at the Industrial Script School, an online school based in England. During his studies, he started writing ideas for more TV shows and also a feature movie. 

After he graduated, he started working on all his scripts and in 2016 he completed four: I Hate People, My Mom & Me, Memoire Of A Bartender and The Venetian.

Luca is currently working on producing his first feature film The Venetian, in collaboration with The Venetian Band.

What he Wrote
I Hate People

TV comedy.


The everyday life of an actor, a photographer, a stoner and an Italian musician in their late 20’s living in L.A. All working at the same restaurant, all dealing with impossible customers, all following their dreams.

My Mom & Me

TV comedy.


After quitting his dream of becoming a scriptwriter, a gay Italian guy is having lots of fun living and partying in West Hollywood at night while working at a Target Store during the day. Everything changes when his mother decides to move from Italy to Los Angeles and live with him; the same day his ex-boyfriend decides to move to West Hollywood from San Francisco. She wants a grandson from his son since she doesn’t know he’s gay. He wants his life back.

Memoire Of A Bartender

TV drama. Orange Is The New Black meets Dexter.


A girl in her early 30’s moves from town to town working in bars and killing customers according to the name of the drinks they usually order. Until she arrives in Los Angeles and falls in love with the woman she’s renting a room from.

The Venetian

Feature. Black Swan meets Memento.


A shy, young guy, who doesn’t accept the fact that he’s gay, is preparing for a musical competition, being trained by his overprotective father. His life is about to change drastically when he meets an open minded young girl who just moved next door. She will help him accept himself and set free The Venetian who’s hiding inside of him.

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